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How I Became MikroTik Certified

My name is Mohammad Razavi and I have master degree in aerospace engineering from National Aviation University.
I have become computer networking enthusiast since 2014 and became familiar with MikroTik in 2015 and decided to go on and get my MikroTik certificate during the same year. i have continued that path and received all the certification from the MikroTik company. last year i decided to become an official MikroTik trainer and now proudly I can say that I have made a good decision to get familiar with this wonderful beast as it brings so much possibility to the networking environment.

Now i have two full job, one is Drone Developer and the second one is Training the MikroTik for official certification. both of them are fun and happy to work in these fields of expertise.

Mohammad Razavi

Official MikroTik Trainer

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