fall in love with Mikrotik


You will be able to monitor your traffic in real time. also, you can manage the QOS (Quality of System) bandwidth equally between all of your clients

Professional Routing

You will learn all about BGP, RIPv2, V2, OSPF and other dynamic routing systems and how to implement them in your networking scenario

Less working

WinBox made it all Easy just do the fantastic and huge work with a simple click

Learn to Build

as a network admin, MikroTik, will teach you how to build your network from ground up to the point where everything is dynamically and automatically will get managed


MikroTik state of the art firewall technology will guard your front end network from any attack. it can handle many type of traffic and also it has the capability to recognize and differentiate a bad traffic from good one


RouterOS , will provide you a vast amount of possibilities to manage your wireless antenna than the other brands like Cisco or UBNT

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